Hull Blyth Manpower

Hull Blyth Manpower

Hull Blyth  Man Power is a company with a presence of over 113 years in Angola and is the leader  in the industry of supply of skilled and  unskilled labor in Angola.

We provide a wide range of personnel for the oil industry, construction and catering industries.


We recognize that outsourcing the management of the workforce allows considerable flexibility when the workload is variable, especially in large and extended infrastructure projects.


All our personnel records are maintained in a database and are classified according to a classification system well established that takes into account skills, education, training and experience.


We provide Long terms contracts with a core of permanent that is developed over a period of time to assure consistency and provide a basis for continued improvement, at the same time ensures a flexible set contracts when it is expected that demands loads floating work.


This way, we ensure the benefits of a consistent and motivated workforce that is not compromised by long workloads.


We are constantly updating our database of employees to continuously meet market requirements





HB Manpower - Comércio Geral e Prestação de Serviços, Lda


Rua Américo Boavida 53/54

Ingombota - Luanda - Angola


Phone: +244 222-331-560


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